7 pages of political science analysis paper

You should NOT use outside sources.

You’d use ONLY lecture notes I’d attach later on.

Please use in-text citations for the lectures, with different dates as relevant. The paper should include citations as needed, but most of your sentences should be your own arguments. If there are a few sentences in a row that are paraphrasing lecture notes, you can just put the cite after the final sentence. e.g. (Lecture, date) or (Author, date).

You do not need to turn in a works cited page; in-text citations are fine.

It should address ONE of the following prompts, using only lecture notes and Fromkin:

1. Explain the combat contract and apply it to World War I or World War II, and Korea or Vietnam. Sources: Kindsvatter and lectures

2. Explain the bargaining and coercion explanations of World War I. Sources: Fromkin, lectures.

3. Use structural theory to explain the Cold War. Sources: lectures.

4. Use the combat contract to explain World War I combat behavior. Sources: lectures, Fromkin.

5. Explain the logic of war in terms of domestic commitment and combat compliance. Sources: lectures, Kindsvatter.

6. Use structure theory to explain the relative infrequency of major war in East Asia and its relative frequency in Europe post 1500. Sources: lectures; Andrade

Do not use outside sources.

The instructions are the following:

  • 6-7 pages in length
  • 12pt Times New Roman font, double-spaced, 1-in margins
  • Include page numbers
  • Include a title on the first page of the paper (see topic-specific titles above)
  • Cite only the lectures and course readings
  • Use in-text citations [e.g., “(Lecture, date)”, or (Otoxby et al., p. x)”] whenever you reference words/ideas from the course materials!
  • Direct quotes must be in quotation marks (“”) even if you include a citation, otherwise this is plagiarism and will result in a low or failing grade—where possible, you should be paraphrasing in your own words rather than using lots of quotations
  • No works-cited page is necessary (unless you are citing something not from the course, which you shouldn’t be doing anyway 🙂

I’d attach lecture notes as soon as this session’s started.