Applying Social Systems Theory to Families

3–5 page paper (not including title page and references)

Worth 100 points. For due date, see Canvas.

All papers are to conform to APA formatting (i.e., running head, title page, double-spaced throughout, appropriate headings citations, etc.) and reference style. To adhere to APA standards and avoid plagiarism each statement informed or informed by outside sources must be cited as such.

Instructions and grading rubric:

The purpose of this assignment is to analyze the social system in the environment where you were raised. Families are the context of individual development and play a big role in the development of people across the life course. Social workers will analyze the systems of those they work with. To begin this practice you will analyze the context in which you were raised. Using the general systems theory by Andreae (2011) AND ONE OTHER REFERENCE SOURCE ON SYSTEMS THEORY SELECTED BY YOU (must be published in a peer-reviewed journal or book chapter—no news articles or websites), you will apply key concepts to your family context. The definition of family may differ for each person. You may self-determine who you consider part of your family system. This assignment is aimed at developing self-awareness to manage personal values that may enter into the social work relationship and apply theoretical concepts to specific context. Paper #1 Rubric




APA formatting, clear writing style, and incorporation of at least one outside reference on systems theory (Not including the Andreae reading)

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First, define and apply (through providing examples) at least five components of systems theory (these can include the assumptions listed on page 247 of Andreae, environmental influences, rules and roles, open and closed systems, boundaries, stability and change) to your family system.

Demonstrate your understanding of these concepts. You can choose to do this at any age you can recall most clearly.

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Next, critically analyze how these concepts were manifested and relevant to your family. You can choose to focus on all of the concepts, of focus on those most relevant/salient to your family system. For example, how were boundaries negotiated? What were the explicit or implicit rules and roles of your family and how did they show up? You will be evaluated on your in-depth analysis and thorough understanding of systems theory.

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