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Manraj Kaur, who is Sikh from the Punjab state of India, applies for a job as a trucker with Whee Move U Transport Company. The company tells him that he must take a drug test, and the company’s preferred method (it’s the cheapest by $5 per test) is to have employees provide hair clippings. It is one of the five articles of faith for Sikhs that he never cut his hair. When he refuses,Transport does not hire him.

1. Explain the theory of discrimination Kaur would claim when he sues Transport for not hiring him, which type of discrimination (protected class), and what Kaur would have to show to win his case. After not being hired as a trucker, Kaur applies to be an assembly line worker at the Mesla automobile factory. At the interview, the Mela employee tells Kaur that he will have to trim his beard so that it does not get caught in the machinery. Kaur explains that it would go against his religion to do so, but that he’d be willing to wear a beard net. The Mela employee says that would not be sufficient because of its length, and if Kaur does not want to trim his beard, he will need to part it in half and tuck it behind his ears, then tie it behind his head. Kaur is insulted by the suggestion and walks out of the interview.

2. Determine the likelihood of Kaur winning his discrimination suit against Mesa due to Mesa not accepting his proposed solution to keeping his beard out of the way. Next. Kaur answers an ad to work in a Catholic high school. The nun who interviews him tells him that they are only hiring Catholic teachers because knowledge of their religion is a key component of their instructional method. Additionally, his heavy accent would be difficult for the students to understand.

3. Explain how the school could defend itself when Kaur sues the school for religious discrimination. (You do not need to restate any information included in a previous answer.) Discuss what other type of discrimination Kaur could claim and if the school have a defense for that type as well. Edit View Insert Formal Tools