Case Presentation Mrs. Rose Fi

Case Presentation

Mrs. Rose Finney is an 85-year-old woman with ovarian cancer. She presented at the oncology clinic for a scheduled appointment 6 weeks after surgical removal of her ovaries, uterus, a section of large bowel, and as much tumor mass as possible from other areas of her abdomen. The purpose of the visit was a postoperative checkup and planning for chemotherapy. Mrs. Finney was accompanied by a niece with whom she had stayed while recovering from the surgery. The niece lives out of state, and the patient will be returning to her own home after this follow-up appointment. At this visit, the nurse interviewed the patient to obtain detailed self-report information related to functional ability. The following information was gathered:

 • Alert, well-groomed, well-spoken, fiercely independent elderly woman recuperating remarkably well from extensive surgery

• Uncontrolled glaucoma with limited vision in one eye; 20/80 vision with glasses in other eye

 • Slightly hard of hearing • Arthritis in fingers along with lack of strength makes some tasks difficult (e.g., opening jars, using telephone)

• Uncertain walking outdoors, particularly in unfamiliar areas and when ground uneven; no assistive devices

• Medication: Synthroid every morning for 47 years

• Never married, no children

• Lives alone in a single home; bedroom on first floor but laundry facilities and garage are on basement level • Does not drive

 • Only living relatives in addition to the niece are two nephews: One lives out of state and other lives half an hour away

• Telephone contact with closer nephew daily, occasional visits and trips for shopping and other errands

• Three friends in neighborhood, each of whom calls or visits on average every 2 weeks

Case Analysis Questions

1. Based on the information provided, what functional challenges put Mrs. Finney at risk for injury?

 2. In addition to managing risk factors within the home, what additional help does she need?

 3. What interdisciplinary healthcare team members would be helpful to Mrs. Finney and her family?