Choose any country you are curious about and elaborate how the following statement is true in your chosen country

Choose any country you are curious about and elaborate how the following statement is true in your chosen country:

People get rich when there is chaos, but ultimately the biggest profiteering creates a push for peace.

Explain the break-even point where peace is more profitable than chaos and SUCCINCTLY (briefly explain) elaborate how this process is seen in your chosen country. (You may choose a country you have read about in your readings, or you can choose outside of the readings.)

Imagine this as a briefing paper to leadership in the intelligence community. You are expected to highlight the key aspects and important processes as efficiently and clearly as possible and show how these aspects and processes tie into the major points and conclusions you are making. No one has the time to read huge volumes or wade through you waxing poetic. Be clear, concise, to the point, but still thorough and in-depth.

Format and Style Notes on Papers:

  1. All papers must be typed, double-spaced, with 1-inch margins on all sides IN WORD.
  2. Not more than 4 pages total.
  3. Double-space your entire paper, with no exceptions.
  4. 12-point, New Times Roman font.
  5. Save document with the following title (LASTNAME BRIEFING PAPER 1).
  6. Indent paragraphs one tab (1/2 inch).
  7. Right justify your pages.
  8. Do not use slang, vulgar language, or clichés.

Criteria for Grading:
Transference, Critical thinking skills, and thoughtful development of your briefing papers are the primary criteria for determining grades.

1. Transference means applying ideas and concepts from the course readings to a new context. The more major ideas from the readings that you transfer to the new context, and the more apt use you make of them, the better.

2. Critical Thinking Skills means offering your own critical thinking opinions on the specific ideas in those readings. Giving reasons transforms them from “mere opinions” to “critical thinking opinions.” The focus of your comments on the ideas of the readings should be critical thinking, NOT summary.

4. Thoughtful development means not only that you offer reason and support for your opinions, but also that you explore the topic thoroughly and completely, within the specified length guidelines for the assignment. I prize breadth and depth of development but I also prize precision and succinctness. Avoid rambling excursions into tangential issues. In essence, what I’m looking for in your written work is solid critical thinking opinions on as many specific major ideas from the assigned readings as possible. Finally, when developing your written work, do not write it as one long paragraph. Instead, break it into paragraphs that examine one specific idea (or at most two ideas) from a reading at a time.

5. Sources: Chose the appropriate number of sources your paper requires. This allows you to demonstrate your abilty to properly research and cite to support your argument. Sources must be scholarly articles. No newspaper articles, informational websites, encyclopedias, wikipedia, wikileaks, etc.