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You will not automatically be given 10 points for providing an initial and reply post. Your grade will be determined by how well you followed directions and whether you addressed all of the questions indicated in the instructions identified. Both initial and reply posts must be written using your own words. Any copying and pasting of information from any source (including your friends) will automatically result in a grade of 0.

Gaining access to the discussion board to view the responses of your classmates without providing an initial post (even if it’s accidental) will automatically prevent you from receiving credit. Your reply post must be made on a different day from the initial post.:

Please reply to this message with your life schedule and discussion of it. Explain why you do or don’t have enough time to devote to the coursework. How demanding are your work schedule and other courses? Download this and make your own schedule identifying a minimum of the required 18 – 24 hours you will need every week to spend on this physics course. (You can type your info into the cells of the example schedule. When you have completed filling out the spreadsheet, save it, and either attach it to your reply or snip a copy of your spreadsheet and insert the image into your reply. Make sure to use PHYSICS to identify the time devoted to physics. Don’t be vague and type the word school like in the example. If you do your score will be zero for the spreadsheet.)

Please do not attach a file as your response to any discussion question all semester. Copy and Paste from a word document or type your information directly into the box that opens after you select reply. Only attach your schedule or insert a snipped image of your schedule. Thanks!

This 1 min 31 sec video explains how to post in the Discussion Board.

. In your reply post welcome your classmate, compare and contrast their schedule to yours. Don’t just say “your schedule is the same as mine.” Explain why they are the same and provide supporting details to your statements. This semester you will learn about CER (Claim, Evidence, and Reasoning) in lab. Let’s examine this in preparation for lab. After watching this video (Links to an external site.) apply CER to the following videos and then explain why CER is beneficial to apply when answering questions in the discussion board such as the one about time management this week?

For The Science of Curiosity video below CER is applied by answering the following listed three questions. Watch the (2:22) video and then apply CER by answering the following three questions and identify each answer as either Claim, Evidence, or Reasoning.

  1. Claim: What are these scientists curious about—what do they want to know?
  2. Evidence: What data will the rover collect?
  3. Reasoning: How will this data help scientists answer—make claims about—their questions?

Then without being provided the questions, apply CER to the second video (an Audi commercial) and identify/label which answer is the C, E, and R. Although we can apply CER to the second video, the child is clearly incorrect in her thinking. How can we debunk her incorrect thinking using CER? We see a great deal of this type of incorrect thinking in society today and many are promoting this incorrect kind of thinking. What do you think the major flaw(s) with the CER method for providing explanations is and what is its strength(s)?

Questions Source (Links to an external site.)

The 30 sec Audi Commerical My dad’s an alien.


discussion 1


This discussion will integrate using literature to support claims, health outcomes and the concepts of Social Determinants of Health.


What a time to be taking this class!! A global pandemic, a race crisis. What do you think?

“Long overdue”: Lawmakers declare racism a public health emergency
Black and Brown Americans are susceptible to higher rates of infant mortality, heart disease and even an advanced aging process…and now Covid 19.

Read in The Guardian: https://apple.news/A_QdM0uthQYK31VVyQ6_fBw (Links to an external site.)

Should we view social structures that promote poor health as a public health issues? Is racism a public health problem?

ASSIGNMENT: Explore the issue of race as a health determinant by finding 2 outcomes that show that racism is a public health problem. You can choose disparities in health outcomes, prison sentences, access to education, violence or community factors just to name a few. Pick one health outcome disparity (ie a disease or chronic illness that is more common in minorities) or a social determinant of health (a SDoH factor that impacts health in minorities), find 2 sources to show outcomes that show how race impacts that outcome. Dont just say “education impacts health” PROVE it to the reader with facts. This is why we did D1 on proving-find some statistics and facts!

Your post should have:

Topic sentence

2 supporting facts



Peer reply

EXAMPLES: I chose “disparity in access to education in racial minorities”

Education is a predictor of health. Studies have shown that education improves health by improved access and ability to afford health services, better decision making for behavioral choices and less risk of infectious disease 1. Race impacts the long term health of individuals because there are racial inequalities in education. This unfortunate early life disparity includes less qualified teachers, less funding money, larger class sizes and less robust curriculums. in areas that are predominantly minority 2. in hard numbers, “A seminal 2005 study focused on increases in compulsory education between 1915 and 1939 across US states and found that a year of schooling reduced mortality by 3.6%” 3. The sames study found “Rates of major circulatory diseases, diabetes, liver disease, and several psychological symptoms (sadness, hopelessness, and worthlessness) show higher rates among adults with lower educational attainment.” Although healthcare treatment is an important part of health, if policy better addressed education, some health problems of disadvantaged minority citizens could be prevented just through better education.

1. Wolfgang Lutz, Endale Kebede. Education and Health: Redrawing the Preston Curve. Population and Development Review, 2018; DOI: 10.1111/padr.12141 (Links to an external site.)


3.Zajacova A, Lawrence EM. The Relationship Between Education and Health: Reducing Disparities Through a Contextual Approach. Annu Rev Public Health.


discussion 1

In this discussion

  • Identify a film and classify it according to its genre (or sub-genre). Include a link(s) to a trailer or scene(s) from the film. You may choose to continue with a film you have already discussed.
  • Discuss the conventions that are typical in films of that genre (or sub-genre).
  • Explain how this specific film meets the expectations of its genre.

Include the name or partial name of the film you identified in the “Subject” line of your discussion. Your initial post should be at least 200 words in length. Support your claims with examples from the required material(s) and/or other scholarly resources, and properly cite any references.