Discussion C Post

Sometimes I really don’t know what to do with such little time-frame.

Please help me out. Thank You. Hopefully someone understands this work.




For this discussion,

We are going to work on generating the rather thesis statements that will ultimately result in an excellent essay. For this paper, so much come down to whether or not you have a great thesis. A thesis needs including two parts:

One. An overall evaluation statement:

“I liked X.”

“I had compounded feelings about X.”

“X prove a disappointment.”

Two. A list of reasons explaining your judgment that you’ll structure your essay around

“since X included a lively soundtrack, brilliant performances by the actors and a compelling and fascinating plot.”

“because although the food combined unique flavors over a series of inventive courses, the staff was rude and the service was slow.”

“because of the not bright enough lighting, the lackluster performances, and the drab set design.”

What you end up is a general outline for your paper. Now, just because you mention three things in the thesis do not mean you’ll write only three paragraphs (Or four, if you mention four or two.). This isn’t a five-paragraph essay. I might have to write multiple paragraphs on “brilliant performances,” maybe one for each actor/performance, for example. That’s why I say the thesis is a general outline.

Therefore, how do we generate the thesis? Well, initially, we need to offer the experience to evaluate. Consider these:

And then, watch this:

Okay, so if you don’t introduce Swedish or Hindi, the lyrics are going to be difficult to evaluate, I grant you, but go ahead and select one of the videos.

Without delay, I expect you to observe it again, but this time, make two lists…I like doing it by creating a two-column chart. On one side of the chart, record all of the nouns you notice: costumes, music, choreography, melody, etc. On the other side, list the adjectives. You’re going to post this list as the first part of your discussion post.

Next, you’re going ahead and think about your general impression of the music video/song from a larger film you merely saw. Did you like it? Did you oppose it? Did you find it exciting? Was it humorous? Come up with your most thorough comprehensive evaluation. Now go back over your list and identify a few reasons why, for example:


music recording for their song “Appelknyckarjazz” was engaging and entertaining because of the lively music and instrumentation, the clever plot concept of the video, and the brilliant color and design that appeared throughout.

The thesis should represent the second part of your post. You may conclude the post with any other thoughts or observations you want to share about the videos.

Finally, as always, please thoughtfully reply to six of your peers. Can you offer any suggestions for how they might improve their thesis statements? Do you agree with their evaluations? Why or why not?

Most likely, this will be good practice for when you go out and experience and observe what you will write about and need to generate your own thesis.