EDU 146 PCC Tantrums Screamin

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Respond to the following prompt(s) for your discussion forum post:

  1. What triggers tantrums? 
  2. How can early childhood professionals appropriately respond to tantrums?
  3. How can adults best maintain their composure while dealing with an out-of-control child?


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1. I think what triggers tantrums for children is when their toys or rattles are taken away. As parents they should try to keep their child happy. Now I don’t have any kids but I do see a lot of them throwing a temper tantrum especially at stores. It is kind of embarrassing at times but they can’t control it. I think it all has to do with how the parents teach their child how to behave in public, it will definitely show when they are out. Most tantrums are uncontrollable, children may want things like for example a toy or a piece of candy. I work at Harris teeter and I see this happen all of the time children crying and throwing things on the floor because they can’t get what they want. That’s life, life is not fair. Children will act out just receive attention from others. So to people who are parents please try to keep the child under control so one can prevent these kind of situations from happening.

2. Early Childhood Professionals can respond to tantrums by addressing the situation in a mature manner. What I mean by that is not overreacting to their tantrums, try and see what reason the child has for acting the way that they do. There is always a reason for a child doing the things that he or she does, because children do not mean to behave like that crying, throwing things or having a temper tantrum it’s just the way that one is. Of course as a childhood professional we don’t expect them to be perfect just well behaved enough where we can take them out in public. So as long as we do that as professionals children will be fine anywhere just have to remember that we can’t get upset just reason with the child in ways that they understand.

3. Adults can maintain their composure when dealing with an out of control child by remaining calm at all times. Do not get upset because that will just make the child more mad at you. So stop and talk to the child just so one can reason with them to try and get somewhere with them. It is better as parent to let their tantrums get to you as a guardian your job is to just keep the children happy and of course give them the things that he or she wants but not make a habit of it. Only from time to time just so the child knows that there is love somewhere for them not spoil them all of the time but just to value the kind of child you have and parent that one is. Every parent can achieve their goal for raising kids if one just communicates with them where as a parent one will feel like their job is complete and also being glad that you kept your cool around them as well. good luck to everyone who is a parent you guys can do it!!!