English Assignment!

During this course, we’ve been studying diverse books about the experience of growing up in America. I’d like to wrap up the semester by having you share some of your final thoughts on our readings. Choose one of the questions below and write a substantial post answering it. Then, choose one of your classmates’ posts to respond to by sharing your thoughts about their question or their answer. Try to respond to a post about a different question (not the same one you picked)!

1. In our first lesson, we talked about “mirror” texts and “window” texts that help readers see themselves in books and see into the lives of people who are different from them in some way. Choose one of the books we read this semester and write about how it acted as a mirror or window for you. Reference specific moments in the book to help you explain your ideas.

2. Each book that we read was written in a different style. We had books written in the first person and in the third person, books alternating narrators, a graphic novel, and books that included letters and maps. Which narrative style do you think worked the best to tell its story and why? Give specific examples to illustrate your points.

3. Each of these stories included one or more characters trying to develop their own version of an “American” identity. In our discussions we talked about characters embracing new ways, learning about family traditions, celebrating their differences, and trying to find a way to blend their family culture with mainstream American culture. Which character do you think had the most interesting journey, and what important or significant thing did you learn about American identity by reading their story? Use specific details to explain your ideas.