English essay

Standard MLA Format

appx. 3 pages. 5-6 paragraphs

on “the Moths by helena maria viramontes

include quotes as supporting evedience

  1. Has the author confined the narration to a single point of view? What apparent advantages lie in telling the story from the point of view (POV) selected?
  2. What potentially interesting aspects of the subject matter have been subordinated or omitted by the choice of POV? What aspects are magnified?
  3. If first person narration, to what extent does the author appear to have identified himself with the narrator? What does the author gain by keeping a distinction between himself and the persona of the narrator?
  4. How would the story be different if told from a different point of view?
  5. How is the POV complemented by the style and diction? How do POV and voice work together to emotionally impact the story’s telling?
  6. Who is/are the central character(s)? Does the writer reveal their personalities directly, through their own thoughts, words, and actions, or indirectly, through others’ responses and impressions? Both?
  7. Are these characters types (stock characters) or individuals with depth? Are they active or passive in the story?
  8. Do the characters change and grow (evolve) throughout the story, and how much of the story’s message hinges on this growth?
  9. Where is the conflict or opposition to the protagonist in the story? Is the conflict internal or external?
  10. How does the author involve your sympathy for certain characters, and how does this impact your understanding of the conflict