The following requirements are for the final draft of the essay. For your first draft of the essay you need to submit a complete draft for peer review, one with a beginning, middle, and ending of an essay (introduction, body, conclusion)–not just a paragraph or so, or an outline or some bullet points. You do not need to have MLA citation of sources, nor do you need to include a paragraph of reflection/explanation for your first draft.

Write an essay of at least 750 words in which you analyze a character or a premise or a conclusion in Kolbert’s The Sixth Extinction. Your essay should have the following requirements:

Focus your analysis on only one aspect of The Sixth Extinction, in other words one premise, conclusion or character. Note that the audience for your essay is someone who has not read the text that you are analyzing; therefore you should include enough background, description and summary of the text that you are analyzing so that one can understand what you are trying to analyze. Be sure to have a title for your essay. At the end of your essay write at least one healthy paragraph describing what you attempted to do in your essay and a description of your thinking and writing process for coming up with the topic and approach the writing task ( a reflection of your writing process).

First draft of essay is due for peer review by 11:30pm, Wednesday 6/13. NOTE that you will NOT be able to participate in the peer review process unless you submit your draft by the deadline. Late submissions of drafts will not be accepted.

Respond to the two drafts assigned to you by 11:30pm, Friday 6/15. See Peer Review Process for a description of the peer review process, including instructions for providing feedback.

In order for everyone to be able to access the assigned

drafts for review, please submit your draft as a text entry. Your

comments and review of the drafts assigned to you should be posted as

text as well and if you upload a file it should be a pdf so that it can

be accessible.