Final Paper


You learned how to create a business pitch deck and present it. Now it’s your turn to sit on the other side of the table as a potential investor and show you understand what is expected.

Learning Objective: The objective is to analyze the attached pitch deck for a possible New Venture from the perspective of: (i) trying to determine if it presents a viable Business Opportunity and thus warrants further action or investment; (ii) convincing me of your perspective through a concise, well-reasoned and supported written analysis.

Instructions: You are asked to provide me with your analysis of the opportunity as presented by its pitch deck. (This is a real pitch deck to which I have no affiliation. Therefore, your opinion good or bad, will not influence your grade.)

For analysis purposes you must rely on the data as provided in the deck, for it is as if it had been emailed to you as is.

Write up not to exceed three (3) pages; typed; single spaced; done individually; due via email per the syllabus.

Sections to include in analysis:

1. Summary of Venture – articulate that you get it, provide analysis of what is presented to you

2. Key Slides Included – where they the right ones? If not, why?

3. Opportunity Strengths

4. Opportunity Weaknesses

5. Key “Personal Opinion” Factors – this is based on your personal business gut instincts, what would you have liked to have seen instead and what do you think the pitch deck needs?

6. List of questions you would need further clarification on from the founders

7. Investment Decision – As an investor, would you invest or not and why?


Grading will be based on the following:

– Quality and thoroughness of your analysis

– Validity and reasonableness of your analysis

– Ability to demonstrate and support the logic of your analysis/conclusions

– Ability to effectively and concisely present your analysis in a 3 page write-up (e.g., text, bullet points, formatting, clarity of writing and expression, relevance of points made)

– Your objective is to have me clearly understand and feel strongly about your perspective on the opportunity, while also having it be reasonable and valid (e.g., that it can be supported/defended)

Good luck! It’s been great having you in class.


Final Paper

  • Due Sunday by 11:59pm
  • Points 100
  • Submitting a file upload
  • File Types doc, rtf, docx, and pdf
  • Available until Dec 15 at 12:01am


The prompt for the final paper builds off of the work you’ve already done in the “Topic Selection” forum and the “Intro Paragraph” assignment. If you did well on your intro paragraph, you simply have to work on proving your thesis by providing evidence (from credible sources) and analysis of the evidence. All evidence you use should help you prove the argument stated in your thesis. If you did not do well on the intro paragraph, you should use my feedback to try and improve. If you’ve allowed yourself ample time, you should also come see me during virtual office hours before this final paper is due. If you do not focus on one of the Supreme Court cases listed in the Topic Selection, you will receive a ‘0.’

Sources, Formatting, & Tips (READ ALL)

  • Paper must be formatted in APA. Use the APA Template I created for this class if you need assistance with APA. Download APA Template in Word. If you cannot open the Word file, you can still view the template. Download APA Template in PDF.
  • Note that APA requires standard margins (1″) around the paper and uses Times New Roman, font size 12. While you will not lose points for using a different font type, I do not recommend using a font bigger than Times New Roman 12 or wider than 1″ margins. If your paper is on the short end and the font and margins look off (or you hit enter a bunch of times and have a bunch of empty space, etc.), you will lose points since you cannot fulfill the prompt requirements in a very short paper.
  • The paper needs to be 4-6 double-spaced pages (not including title, abstract, and references pages). Papers that are significant above or below will not receive high marks in some rubric categories.
  • Do not email me your paper under any circumstances. To receive a grade and avoid the late penalty (see below), you must properly upload a correct file type (Word or PDF, only).
  • YOU NEED TO SAVE YOUR FILE AS A WORD DOCUMENT, PDF, OR AS RICH TEXT FORMAT (RTF) in order to upload this assignment to Canvas. If you do not, I will not be able to open the file and you will receive a ‘0’ with no chance to resubmit.
  • What to do if you don’t have Microsoft Word: Your paper must be uploaded as a Word or PDF document. If you are using Google Docs, read “How to Save Google Docs as a PDF (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site..” If you are using Pages, read “How to Save Documents Created in Pages as a PDF. (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” You can also use Office 365 for free through your MyCOD account. To do this, visit “Student Resources (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.” and read the section on Office 365.If you have trouble with Office 365, plan ahead and use a computer at the Library (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. or tutoring center (TASC (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.) on campus.
  • Be sure to submit with plenty of time to spare in case you run into issues that could prevent a timely submission. Any paper marked as late by Canvas (coming in at 12:00am, 12:01am, and so on, will lose half the points earned).


To see how you will be graded, view this assignment’s rubric.


final paper

The 4-6 page final paper (not including the title and reference page) should be a culmination of the past weeks. There should be 3-5 scholarly sources included in APA citation format. Be sure to include any improvements and polishing that you made to your paper based on prior graded faculty feedback.

As a reminder, as you research your chosen social problem, you will develop the following components. These components will shed light on this social problem and will build towards a final paper and presentation of your social problem. Your faculty member will provide you with graded feedback along the way.

  • Social Problem selection – 1-2 page statement/summary of the problem, which will serve as the project topic
  • Historical Assessment of the problem – 1-2 page background of the social problem
  • Comparison – 1-2 page First World comparison, which will show how another country has dealt with the same social problem
  • Persuasive Solution – 1-2 page proposed solution to the social problem, which will educate an audience about ways in which this problem could be effectively handled
  • Final Paper – 4-6 page synthesis of the prior components (topic, historical assessment, comparison, and persuasive solution), which will provide a cumulative examination and scholarly research of the social problem. Research sources should be presented in proper APA citation format.

make it flow and help with the introduction ,(final paper part)