From an organisational perspec

From an organisational perspective, formulate a 5-year sustainable development plan for an organisation of your choice, focusing on corporate social responsibility and business ethics (e.g., workers’ rights, employee relations, child labour, diversity/cross-cultural management, environmental responsibility).

You should:

• critically analyse the key challenges the organisation faces

• suggest a plan on how to address the key issues and improve the situation with a 5-year sustainable development plan Use CSR related theories/models (e.g., Carroll’s Pyramid, Triple Bottom Line, Stakeholder Theory) to analyse the relevant issues and to support the sustainable plan discussions. The 5-year sustainable development plan can be discussed utilising the timeline: Consider how you would manage strategic organisational change in the implementation of this plan.

General Guidance

• Submission deadline: 12:00 noon Wednesday 15 December

• The word limit is 4,000 words including tables and reference list but excluding appendices (+10% leeway)

• Your submission needs to be critically developed, rather than descriptive

• Use academic references to support your points and discussions.

• You must use BU Harvard Referencing

Indicative Assignment Structure

• Introduction • Main issues (key challenges faced) – critical discussions of the challenges (using relevant theories/models to analyse the situation, where appropriate)

• 5-year sustainability development plan – critical discussions of the plan (using relevant theories/models where appropriate)

• Conclusion • Reference list (listing all (but only) the references used in the text.

Assessment criteria and weightings (indicative)

Discussions of the relevant issues 20%

5-year sustainable development plan 30%

Application of relevant theories/models 20%

Analytical/critical elements 20%

Academic style/professional presentations 10%

Advice: before writing

• Read the brief carefully (what you have been asked to do)

• Select an appropriate organisation (which has direct relevance to the issues/challenges in the global business environment).

• Consider which theories/models you might apply – make sure you understand these clearly

. • Useful to produce an outline or working plan.

• Think your ideas through before you start writing.

Advice: when writing

Make sure that your discussions are:

• deep

• critical (not descriptive)

• with logical development through to the conclusion

• with application of theories/models

• with clear presentation and communication (e.g., use of headings, page numbering, etc.)

• supported by academic references

Referencing needs to follow BU Harvard Referencing style consistently (check BU online if not sure)