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How does a parent/caregiver begin to develop literate children while the child is still an infant? What things can be done to begin emerging literacy?  What things can be done in the Infant/Toddler Child Center in order to begin build literacy? 

Research what is considered the best way of teaching literacy in Infant/Toddler and preschool programs entitled “Emergent Literacy.”  What do you know about emergent literacy after researching?  What do you think of this method? 

Student 1 

The option I decided to do for this week’s module was Option number two. I watched the Ted Talk called The Surprisingly Logical Minds of Babies. After last week’s modules and seeing how babies form I decided to watch this film and see how these babies think and how their little brains work. After watching this film I came to the conclusion that babies learn very very quickly from observing what is around them. It was very interesting to see how the babies after observing what the others were doing they were already expecting something to happen. For example, when they showed the first baby and she was handed the yellow ball, she had already observed the woman take out three blue balls that squeaked that when she was handed the yellow ball that not only was it a different color but it was also different she expected it to do the same thing the other balls did. However, when the woman showed the baby three blue balls with more yellow than blue and she was handed the yellow ball she noticed that wasn’t the same one as the one she had and did not even care about squeaking it. If I had to say one thing that I learned or what I personally think was the main point from this video it would definitely be that it all has to do with the babies environment, what they observe and or hear, These babies make observations and from there they develop what to expect. This also happens to young children and not just babies. Like I said they learn from their environment, they learn new words they hear the people around them say and they also learn about their culture what they see others doing as well as how to use tools that can be beneficial for them. I personally would recommend this video to parents and people who work with babies. I think this could be very beneficial to those who are around or work with babies because they can see how quickly babies pick up on things. It is very crazy how these babies and children literally need just one example so their little brains can pick it up and just automatically learn about things.

My overall thoughts about this video/ ted talk are that these children are way smarter than we think. They are really the future of our world. I personally would’ve liked to see another example of how their little brains work. Toward the end, Laura Schulz said something that kept me thinking and that was that “A four-year-old could talk to you about almost anything.” It left me thinking so much because I have a little cousin who is about to turn 4 and in my eyes, he is still a baby but what she said is very true he can literally talk about anything and just like some of the examples shown on this video he picked up on things since he was a baby. I would definitely recommend people to watch this ted talk and like I said especially those who work with babies. 

Student 2

Babies are just these smart, beautiful, and full of life things. Babies are the miracle of the whole world. They are the pure angels in our world today. But these angels are the smartest. From my perspective, I see that babies have the key to everything or maybe they make me feel that way with everything they do. The short TED talk “The Surprisingly Logical Minds of Babies” made me go more positive with my point of view. At the beginning of the talk, I felt that the lady who is presenting is just talking about the human brain and how they work and all. But then she starts talking about the babies and how they see things and act based on the thing they observe from us. In the video, they Show different experiments on babies so we can see how babies think by just looking at what other older people do in front of them. The main message of the video is to show us that children and babies have a huge ability to make a very successful conclusion from sparse data. Babies make these conclusions by just learning from us and what we do. Kids are such an amazing miracle that can learn everything in this world from small examples that happen in front of them. Another message from the video that I saw is that babies are able to learn big things from small data that are shown in front of them. The thing that really got my attention is how the lady who is presenting connected these few experiments of babies’ minds to humans’ minds as adults, and how we are able to learn from a small number of things that are around us. What I felt is her saying was that babies and their mind and ability is the weapon to keep the future bright and more going forward. What I learned from this video is that babies have such a strong mind and they are just these little genius things that grow by just watching and adding everything they see to their little minds that are really sharp in thinking. So many people around me have babies, every day I see different ages of babies around me. So I would recommend it to the close people around me. I would definitely recommend it to my uncle and his wife because they have two beautiful and energetic daughters. One of them is three years old and the other one is eight months. I have always been watching these two girls and God they really do everything they see adults do. The eight-month-old one we just have to do one thing in front of her and she will copy it immediately. So it will be great for their parents to watch this video so they get to understand the girls’ behavior in a better way and to understand how powerful is their girls’ mind is because, to be honest, I saw that about the girls. This video gave me a bigger image of babies and how much power they have in their minds. I had really good and positive thoughts about this video by just reading the title of it. I recently got married and if I have babies soon I will for sure remember this video and it will help me with my future babies. I would know how powerful my kids are in every action they do.