Human Services

Recognizing when information is needed and possessing the ability to locate, evaluate and effectively use the needed information. Information literacy begins with good writing skills. Human services workers will be called upon to evaluate scenarios and provide supporting documentation and find the information necessary to provide effective service delivery.


For this written assignment you are being asked to submit the introductory section of a social history as provided in the Word document link. To complete this assignment, you will need to interview a real person. The person you interview will become your “pretend client.”

Your best choice in selecting someone to interview is to find a person who is facing current life struggles. The person you interview must be willing to provide information. Protect your pretend client’s confidentiality.

As a guideline as to the formatting and information that should be addressed in each section.

  • Make sure that you write in third-person language consistently.
  • Report the facts only, without interpretation and or personal commentary.
  • Address all the content required content including the use of subtitles to identify each section of the history. (Do not include the italicized prompts in your subtitles, as those prompts are only there to remind you what to include in the content).
  • Submit in a single-space type using clear and concise grammar and spelling mechanics.

My Example Paper:

Presenting the problem

The client is a single mother living in a hotel. She is aged thirty-five-years old with three daughters age 14, 12 and 9. She is in need of help because she is no longer able to financially care for her and her daughters. Her husband got arrested for five years in prison for domestic assault and drug abuse. She is responsible for providing the basic needs for the family, taking children to school, medication and anything else the family may need. As a result of this, they are living in poverty, in a hotel, and struggling to make it to school. Before her husband was arrested, they were still struggling to meet their basic needs.

Medical history

She also suffers from kidney disease which causes her to take a few different medications. Medications for her are very expensive even though the state covers some of the cost, they do not cover it all. This condition has exempted her from obtaining a stable job to sustain the family, as she also does not have any educational background. She is hoping to obtain some sort of help to help her and her family. She has been to various doctors’ treatment of her medical condition. This has been the major area where her money has been spent. Apart from that she is required to pay school fees for her children to attend CLC.

Environment History

Due to the poor living conditions, the children are also prone to getting sick due to their environment. Living in a single room in a hotel of four people, causes more enclosed spaces, as well as cleanliness to not be obtained. They have lots of clothes and belongings, so trying to keep it organize has been difficult. They have also suffered black mold in the bathroom of the room leading to illness. (Feedback: A couple of things: 1. Be clear that the client is the person reporting the information e.g. “The client states that…” “According to the client…” “The client says the she…” 2. I need to know if there is a personal and/or family history of substance abuse or mental illness. Ue the appropriate subtitles for each section of the history as provided in the example i.e. there is no section titled environment history. If you make these changes your paper will look fine).


human services

I. Human Services Profession Choose a human services agency in which you would like to be employed. a) What is the agency you selected, and what was your rationale for choosing this particular agency? What other agencies did you consider, and why did you not select them? Why would you like to be employed at this agency? II. Agency Description Research the types of services this agency offers by looking at its website, visiting the agency (if possible), emailing or interviewing someone who works at the agency. a) What are the main types of services offered? b) Describe what main type of professionals work within this agency, and describe their roles. III. History and Current Trends a) Give a brief history of the development of the agency. Consider describing who established it, why it was originally established, and how it has evolved. Include the mission of the agency and any other pertinent information. b) How is the history of the human services field similar to and different from the history of the agency? c) Describe current trends that impact the work of the agency. How do these trends relate to the history of the human services field? IV. Theories, Values, and Ethics Review the code of ethics for human service professionals and theories learned in this class. a) What is the importance of having a code of ethics? How would the code of ethics impact your provision of services in this agency? b) Which standards in the Ethical Standards for Human Service Professionals will be more and which will be less challenging to implement, and why? c) What theory might you apply while working with clients in your selected agency? Describe an example of how you might apply this theory in your work at this agency. V. Role in the Helping Process Based on your research, what roles might you utilize at this agency in each stage of the helping process? VI. Career Opportunities Research the careers available in the specific agency, and discuss the qualifications. a) Choose an entry-level position you are interested in pursuing, and discuss the qualifications you would need to apply for the position. b) Detail the qualifications you possess and which skills you are lacking to qualify for the position. VII. Summary of Learning To conclude this paper, summarize what you have learned in this course that you can apply to your everyday life.