Ma. Write 200words reflection for a student’s discussion post.

The American Revolutionary War was a war between the British Empire and its colony of North American Thirteen States, and several European powers. Due to the British exploitation of the colonies, and because of the development of the North American colonial economy, in order to fight British economic policy, it caused the North American people to fight. The American Revolutionary War ended British colonial rule, realized the independence of the country, established a more democratic bourgeois political system, was conducive to the development of American capitalism, and played a catalytic role in the future revolution in Europe and Latin America. The war also prepared for the establishment of Canada in the future. The American Revolutionary War was the first large-scale colonial war for national independence in world history. Its victory opened a gap for the colonial system of the British Empire and set an example for the colonial national liberation war. Battles of Saratoga is a famous battle in world history and a turning point in the war of independence in North American British colonies. General William Howe, the British general, seized Philadelphia from the start and was completely absorbed in the joy of victory. The British Army encountered Arnold’s forces near the Freeman Farm and the two sides soon fired with each other. In this battle, the British military killed 600 people and the United States killed 300 people. In the history of the United States, this encounter was a major victory for Freeman Farmstead. Later, Arnold led the army to win the Battle of Bemis Highlands. In the German town wars, although the US military suffered a defeat, the war has strengthened the confidence of the US military in its victory. Battles of Saratoga became a turning point in the American Revolutionary War, after which Washington began organizing large-scale offensives and counterattacks. Saratoga’s injunction forced General Parker to surrender, enhancing the belief that the people of North America must win, and prompting the development of the international situation in favor of the North American people.