Museum exhibition

This project will require some outside research

Chose two artworks from each chapter that we have covered this semester images to include in your show.

Do not repeat artists. (ie. you will have 10 different artworks from 10 different artists)

o Keep in mind you are dealing with the EARLY RENAISSANCE. 14th to the middle of the 15th century. (ie, no daVinci, Michelangelo, Raphael)

After you compile the 30 artworks for your show you will create museum labels to accompany each artwork.

o These are generally 225-350 word summaries of the subject matter, important stylistic elements, and any information about the artist or time period that allows the viewer to fully understand the artwork.

o Create a contact sheet for each image that includes:

1 image of the artwork. Make it large enough to see but not large enough that all of the info does not fit on the page.

Under the image create a tombstone. A tombstone is the important information your viewer needs to know. Artist, title, year, medium and size (if important)

Your label (Single Spaced)

Contact pages should be no longer than 1 page

o These labels are different than your journals, you want to avoid a lot of facts and statistics and focus on the key ideas that will help the reader understand the work. Pretend you are presenting this information to people who have very little knowledge on art. Make it thorough but not too complex, not too simplistic. You also will want to stay away from your own likes and dislikes. See the examples posted on elearning.