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The primary response should be approximately 500-750 words. However, this is a sizable discussion area this week so if you need to go over some there will be no penalties. Just keep it focused and relevant — no meandering please. Remember to cite sources.

Select a target and context. It may be peace or wartime, but you’re in the place of a policymaker at the national level. You may choose an agency as your home base. Whichever U.S. agency you choose to operate from, establish some notional requirements and planning elements appropriate for both your home agency while also being suitable for dealing with your targeted organization.

To keep this manageable, here’s the basic framework for you.

  • You want the target organization you’ve chosen to either stop or start doing something. You choose something that would be consistent with U.S. aims as you’ve seen them in the National Security Strategy, National Military Strategy, NMS, etc.
  • While changing the behavior, you don’t want to alienate any neutral audiences so be careful (Overly broad negative or ill-formed positives are often sources of problems.).
  • Remember to consider establishing the basis for continuing efforts that reinforce your message.

Make sure you answer the following questions.

  • What is the target organization, and what are a few of the key organizations that are supportive, neutral, or antagonistic to the aims of your target? (Remember the image presented in lesson one.)
  • Why did you choose the approach you did? Identify at least three elements of IO for use in your operation.
  • How will you ensure that other groups are not negatively influenced in this endeavor?
  • How will you measure the results of your effort?
  • If your plan goes awry, what might be the worst case scenario?

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