Need help with a global terrorism report

Topic Selection/Thesis Statement

Please indicate which strategy you will be studying for this research project. Terrorists between the 1950s – present, should use or have used this method as well as be threat to the United States and its national interests. Your thesis statement should summarize the main arguments you will be making in your final paper. This may change as you move forward, but it will be your general road map.

Topics should be no more than one typed page.

Proper grammar and spelling are required

All papers are to be written in Microsoft Word.

*Annotated Bibliography

Please write an annotated bibliography of the sources you will use to support your thesis.

Bibliographies must contain 3-4 pages of content

Each annotation must include a full, properly formatted APA citation and one to two complete paragraphs explaining the basic argument the work makes and the type of evidence used to prove this thesis

Bibliographies must contain at least 10 sources, including a variety of primary and secondary sources, including two full-length books from reputable academic presses, , and articles from at least three scholarly, academic journals.

Wikipedia,, encyclopedias, dictionaries and non-professional web sites are not accepted sources.

All bibliographies are to be written in Microsoft Word double-spaced, with no more than 1.25” margins, using standard 12 point font


Please write a brief abstract (less than one page) that sums up the main ideas and arguments you will make in your final paper.

Abstracts must be concise and well structured, with sufficient detail to demonstrate that the thesis and arguments will be valid.

Proper grammar and spelling are required

Abstracts are to be written in Microsoft Word, double spaced, with no more than 1.25” margins, using standard 12 point font

*Final Paper

Please submit a finished paper. The final paper must include a brief history of the strategy as well as answer the following questions: Why is this a terrorist strategy? Which terrorists use this strategic method? Why? When is this strategic method effective? Why? What are the flaws of this strategy? Why? and What infrastructures support the use of this method as part of a terrorist strategy? How and Why? Again, take these questions as guidelines; use your thesis statement as your primary, argumentative, roadmap.

The paper must include 10 full pages of content, excluding the title page, abstract and bibliography, which must also be included with the final paper as a single document.

Papers will be in APA format and must use a mixture of 10 primary and/or secondary sources to demonstrate the plausibility of a clearly stated, analytical thesis.

Proper grammar and spelling are required

Papers must be written in Microsoft Word, double spaced, with no more than 1.25” margins using standard 12 point font

Restrict your sources to newspaper articles from major national and international papers, published journals and magazine articles, academic sources, and websites from major organizations and government agencies. Course materials may be used as a reference; only two of them may count toward the minimum number of sources. Encyclopedias and dictionaries are not appropriate sources for college level work. Online sources are fine, but they must be authoritative sources. Wikipedia,, and other nonacademic websites are not acceptable sources. (Bear in mind that anyone can submit an article to Wikipedia.) If you are unsure about how to determine whether an online source is a good one, the Online Writing Lab at Purdue University has an excellent resource guide: If you still have doubts as to whether a source is acceptable, send your instructor an e-mail.