political science

The Texas Legislature meets every two years. This year, the 87th Legislature just ended its 2021 session and passed thousands of pieces of legislation. For this discussion, you will research at least two issues discussed by the 87th Legislature and will identify at least four pieces of legislation that passed.

Your presentation grade will be broken down into three parts: PowerPoint presentation, works cited, and your comments on others’ presentations. You will earn a 0 if you do not submit a power point presentation. If you do not provide the details of the bills (bill number) or discuss bills passed in prior legislative sessions, you will lose points.

Here are more details:

PowerPoint Presentation, 18 points: You will need to create a PowerPoint presentation that explains the topics you chose and details the bills you found (6 slides long), plus an additional slide for your works cited.

At the very least, you should:

  1. Identify the topic issues (examples of topics below) and why the topics are important to you
  2. Who sponsored and wrote the legislation you chose and why
  3. What are the implications of the legislation (i.e. who will it affect, how will Texans be affected, when does it go into effect, etc.)
  4. Discuss which executive and bureaucratic agencies will be responsible for implementation of said policy (if any)
  5. Discuss the partisanship of the legislation (which political party supports/opposes the legislation and why)
  6. Include any interesting tid-bits you found out

Note: Your presentation will be graded for completeness and accuracy in answering the above questions, as well as how the information is presented. Please make sure your color scheme is easy to read, that your key points stand out, and that you keep your audience (your fellow classmates) engaged. You may post your presentations as a PowerPoint or pdf file to this discussion board as an attachment when the discussion board opens for you.

Works Cited, 2 points: On the last slide of your PowerPoint presentation, you need to list the sources that you used – you must use Chicago Manual Style (CMS). Your sources must be scholarly. You may not use Wiki sites or blogs. Refrain from getting information only from politician web pages as they are biased. Your textbook may count toward your two required sources, though you must use outside sources as well. The Texas Legislature online (link (Links to an external site.)) will help. As will the Texas Tribune (link (Links to an external site.))

Issues by Topic

  1. Ethics
  2. Environment
  3. Transportation
  4. Health & Human Services
  5. Law & Order
  6. Energy
  7. Public Education
  8. Social Issues
  9. Immigration & Border Security
  10. Budget & Taxes
  11. Higher Education

(Choose two topics and find two pieces of legislation for each topic you choose)


Political Science


Final Paper Guidelines
The purpose of your final paper is to pull the information you have learned in the course to prepare an essay that addresses the following issue:
Public administrators, especially city managers, are facing immense challenges. Most local governments face increased demands for services and reduced local revenues. In addition, local governments are receiving less intergovernmental revenues from the Federal and state governments. Federal and state governments, however, are demanding more of local governments in the form of unfunded mandates. Also, citizens want increased participation and to be more involved in government decisions.
You are assigned to develop a plan to change the job of a city manager in a medium-sized city with a population of 50,000 citizens.
How would you structure the job of a city or county manager to permit him or her to perform the other tasks related to management, budgeting, personnel administration, perform in an ethical manner and other work and at the same time perform the very time consuming task of promoting public involvement?
In answering this question, draw upon what you have learned in this course to suggest, possible, organizational changes, different communication techniques, different skills and other approaches or tools that city and county managers will need in the future. For example, should city and county managers have different types of skills to be effective leaders, to better manage personnel or prepare budgets? How could managers make more effective use of electronic forms of communication and management?
The paper is be due on Friday, April 17th by 11:59 pm.
The paper should be between 6-9 pages of text (not including figures, tables, and references).
Do not use appendices.
The paper should be double spaced, one-inch margins, 12 point font, Times New Roman or comparable font.
Use the APA reference style.
Must include 5 or more references (in addition to the Denhardt text-i.e you can cite Denhardt).
The link below is to the class textbook:
Use four sections in the paper (details on each section below)
Introduction (1-1.5 pages)
Background (1-2 pages)
Details of specific changes (3-4 pages)
Conclusion (1-1.5 pages)
Introduction: Outline the problems facing city managers in the current environment and justify why you believe changes are needed in the job of city manager in your city.
Background: Provide a summary of the skills that city and county managers need to operate (awareness of budgeting, personnel administration, organizational design, ethical behavior, etc.) and why you believe the current skills and approaches are not adequate for the current environment.
Details: Discuss in detail the types of changes that should be made in the ways that the manager in your city should operate. Be specific here. Don’t just say that the current system of budget should be changed, but describe in detail the types of changes you would implement and justify your recommendations.
Conclusion: Provide your estimate of how the changes you propose will improve the operation of your city and address the problems that you outline in the background section.

Total 1925 words


Political Science

1)Read the news article


2)Write a short commentary on the article regarding bureaucracy.

3)Responding thoughtfully and informally, MLA format. ( 2 paragraphs)

4)Reference Page