Present an argument on how that work helps us better understand the good, the true, and the beautiful

The essay that I choose is “Dream of the Rood” which I have attached the documents.

For your second essay in this class, you will spend some time reflecting on one of the literary works assigned in the class from a Christian perspective.

Steps in the Process

  • Choose a work assigned in this course that appeals to you from an emotional or aesthetic perspective.
  • Read the work several times (maybe read parts of it aloud) making note of the features that seem particularly beautiful, inspiring, emotional, meaningful, or true. Consider the following questions:
    • How does the work help us better value goodness?
    • How does the work help us better understand Truth?
    • How does the work help us better recognize and appreciate beauty?
  • Focus your thoughts into an argument about how the work of literature helps us better understand aspects of the Christian faith.
  • Compose a thesis-driven, organized essay presenting your argument and using textual support for your points.


Although your essay will be thesis-driven, it is not a literary analysis. Do not simply pick a theme or a literary device and make an argument about that aspect of the work.

It will almost certainly be easier to do this assignment well if you choose a shorter piece of literature or a small section of a long work, rather than, for instance, the entirety of Julius Caesar.

You should not do any significant research on the literary work, since the assignment is on your own reflections about it.

Style and Length

Your essay should be written in correct MLA format, and it should be between 1000-1500 words long.