Program Development Project

Program Development Project


For this project you will develop a prevention or treatment program that could be implemented at your preferred treatment setting. Once you have selected the particular population and presenting issue, you will need to conduct a literature review on the nature and scope of the problem and existing prevention or intervention approaches. You will develop your program based on what the literature cites as needed, but your program must be an original contribution.A word of caution…Do not apply a broad therapy to a broad population (e.g., CBT for phobias).That approach will make this a difficult paper to write and result in point deductions.Hone in on something specific and propose a specific set of procedures.

To properly develop your project, you must incorporate 10 references to support your ideas.Your references can include empirical studies, review articles, and/or book chapters.In terms of mechanics, your paper should be 10-12 pages in length (double-spaced, 1” margins) not including the title page and reference page.This paper needs to be written in accordance with APA style (e.g., abstract citations, references, running heads, page numbers, headings).The grading matrix for this assignment is as follows:


1. Description of the problem nationally and in the local area in which you reside

2.Current prevention/treatment programs for working with the selected population

3.Description of your proposed program and population being served

4.Therapist’s role in the program

5. Procedures used to measure program effectiveness

6.Discussion of special issues (e.g., ethical, cultural) that could impact the program

7. Concluding thoughts

Summarize your findings

Reflect on what you learned

8. Spelling and grammar

9. Use of APA style

In an effort to standardize the process, please use the following headings in the body of your paper:

Description of the Problem

Current Programs

Proposed Program

Therapist’s Role

Measures of Program Effectiveness

Special Issues

Concluding Thoughts