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Reflection : 300 words

  • 1-5: Activity: Spot the TrollAssignmentTask: Submit to complete this assignment

    Spot the Troll is a website developed by Clemson University that presents 8 real-life social media profiles and challenges visitors to determine which are authentic (i.e., the profiles of real people) and which were fake (i.e., bot profiles made to spread psuedoinformation while looking real). Here is the description from the website:The quiz presents users with 8 profiles, each of which includes both profile information and a brief selection of posts from a single social media account. The user is asked to decide if the content comes from an authentic account or a professional troll. Each question is followed by some tips that might help in the future, as well as the opportunity to explore more details.There are a number of well-known tactics employed by bots and trolls on social media you may have seen in the past. These include unsolicited messages, hyper-active accounts, accounts with no profile image, accounts with stolen profile images, or computer generated account names. While some of the troll accounts we discuss in the quiz used these tactics, they are not the focus of what we cover.All of the accounts and posts used in this quiz, both the genuine accounts and the trolls, have been taken directly from Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Nothing has been changed.Please be aware that the quiz contains screen captures of social media posts showing sensationalized imagery and inflammatory text that was spread online specifically to elicit strong emotional and psychological reactions. Try applying the following metacognitive strategies to remain focused on “spotting the troll.”

    • Remind yourself that some of the images and text you are seeing were created to be divisive and polarizing.
      • Ask yourself questions like:
        • “What kind of content am I looking at?”
        • “Is this information or psuedoinformation?”
        • “How might my mood be influenced by having seen this?”
      • Check in with yourself as you are viewing the profiles.
        • “how did I feel when I saw that?”
        • “why did I feel that way?”
        • “what do I think about that feeling?”
      • Maintain a sense of mindfulness
        • “is my awareness with the present moment or something in the past or future?”
      • Remember Buster Benson’s Three Conundrums (too much information, need to make sense, and too little time)
        • “Am I experiencing any cognitive biases or effects right now?”

    First, navigate to Clemson University’s Spot the Troll website and – applying metacognition and mindfulness – maintain focus on the task of identifying the bot profiles from the real ones. Once you’ve taken the quiz, respond to the responses below to complete your activity for today.1. What was your reaction to this activity?2. How many of the eight profiles did you identify correctly?3. What was the most surprising thing you learned in doing the activity?4. Were you surprised by any of the profiles being authentic/fake?5. Why or why not?6. Were the metacognitive strategies helpful in remaining focused on the task of identifying the trolls? 7. Why or why not? 8. What were three specific signs of a bot profile that you can remember and share from this website?

  • 1-5: Discussion – Healthy Today, we explored how media – especially social media – can challenge our wellness by controlling and manipulating our attention, presenting unrealistic or unachievable images as common, and making psuedoinformation look like real information. Still, social media is a major part of the world and how we interact with each other.
    • How can we engage with social media in a way that is healthy, contributes to meeting our needs, and in general supports our well-being?
    • What types of challenges have you encountered with trying to use social media in a healthy way?
  • 1-5: ReflectionAssignment Task: Submit to complete this assignment

    Respond to the prompts below to complete today’s class.1. What will you remember from today’s class a year from now?2. What are two or three specific questions you have about our class topics now?3. Did you find learning about how social media is designed to monopolize your attention to be helpful? Why or why not?4. Do you feel prepared to identify and recognize forms of pseudoinformation? Why or why not? 5. What connections can you make between what you learned today and the information from our first four classes?6. How have things been going in general?7. Thinking back to the wellness behaviors from the beginning of the course, what specific actions have you taken over the last few weeks to support your well-being?8. What do you hope to accomplish over the next week?


Rasmussen College Social Scie

Assignment-600 WORDS



Question 1

You meet up with a friend to study for an upcoming assignement.

Saying they’ve been having a hard time focusing on their classes, they tell you they’ve been feeling really stressed.

“I feel like I lose hours scrolling through social media and remember you mentioned you learned about this in a class. Why is it so hard to focus on studying?”

First, explain how Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs can help them think about why they are using social media. (10 pt total)

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs

Maslow’s hierarchy of needs is used to study how humans intrinsically partake in behavioral motivation. Maslow u…

Summarize the basic concept of the theory in your own words. (5 pts)

  • Relate the reasons people use social media to the relevant needs of the pyramid. (5 pts)


Then, explain to your friend how social media platforms are designed to encourage you to spend so much time on them, and why the companies design them that way. (10 pts total)

  • Define the “casino effect” (3 pt) and explain how (1 pt) and why (1 pt) social media companies design their apps to encourage it.
  • Define the phrase “physical built environment,” (1 pt) then explain what the “built environment of attention” is (1 pt) and how it relates (3 pt) to the difficulty in focusing on studying.


Building on that, give them an example of a time that social media caused you to have a strong emotional reaction, then demonstrate how you were able to process that emotion using the R.U.L.E.R. method. You can discuss a real experience or make one up for this activity. (15 pt total)

  • Explain the concept of “emotional intelligence” as explored in this course using your own words. (2 pts)
  • Share how each step of the R.U.L.E.R. acronym helped you manage the situation. (10 pts)
  • Communicate what metacognition is and how you used it to recognize what was happening. (3 pts)


It can be hard to stop and assess in an intense situation, so explain how to catch yourself in the moment and be aware of what is happening.

  • Explain what “mindfulness” means using your own words and share some ways it could help them. (5 pts)
  • Identify the meaning of each letter in the S.T.O.P. acronym and explain how to use it to step back and get perspective. (10 pts)


Finally, share some strategies they can use to have a healthy relationship with social media. (15 pt total)

  • Define “cognitive bias” and explain why it can make it hard to realize when we’re not thinking clearly or making an error in thinking. (5 pts)
  • Tell them what “psuedoinformation” is and give some idea of how to tell it from reliable information. (5 pts)
  • Reference some of the strategies discussed in the discussion board. (5 pts)


Another friend walks up and tells you about a big job opportunity that will let you make thousands of dollars a month for a few hours of work a week.

They just started their new career in network marketing, so they haven’t made that much yet themselves, but all you need to do is purchase a distributor package from them to get started.

They show you photos of the Instagram influencer they bought their distributor package from posing in a luxury car and visiting all kinds of locations across the world.

In order to get on that level, your friend says, “you just have to hustle.”

While the idea of making so much money is tempting, the distributor package costs $700.

They say that they were skeptical too, until the influencer sent them the following website:

The link below will open the article in a new window. Open it and briefly read through, then return to answer the three questions below.

Entreprenuer.com – Is Network Marketing Just a Scam?

Using one or two sentences, summarize the author’s argument. What is it they want to convince you of? (1 pt)

Next, look around the page for the author’s biography and identify what the author does to make their living. (2pt)

Is it possible they have a conflict of interest? Why or why not? (1 pt)

Would this article be considered reliable information or psuedoinformation? Why? (1 pt)


Before you give them your final answer, you reach out to your university’s career center and ask to speak to someone about the potential opportunity.

The staff at the Career Center direct you to this article, titled “MLM: A Warning to College Students.”

MLM: A Warning to College Students

Briefly look through the article, then answer the questions about it below:

Using one or two sentences, summarize the author’s argument. What is it they want to convince you of? (1 pt)

Next, look around the page for the author’s biography and identify what the author does to make their living. (2pt)

Is it possible they have a conflict of interest? Why or why not? (1 pt)

Would this article be considered reliable information or psuedoinformation? Why? (1 pt)


In a few sentences to a few paragraphs, respond to your friend’s invitation to join this business opportunity using what you’ve learned from the MLM: A Warning to College Students article, as well as the Federal Trade Commission Consumer – Multi-Level Marketing website that you know from your wellness course. (5 points)

  • 1-6: Discussion – Acts of Kindness This is your chance to collaborate with your classmates to help everyone connect with our content. Random Acts of Kindness is a nonprofit that focuses on sharing social and emotional skills.For today’s discussion, navigate to the website and explore for a while.Then, choose something you found interesting or exciting.Then, summarize what you found in a post to share with the class.Click Here to Visit Random Acts of Kindness
  • 1-6: Reflection1. What do you think about the assignment you just completed?2. How do you feel about the work you did on it?3. What would you say the “theme” or “big idea” of this first segment of the course is?4. If you were invited to join a podcast tomorrow to talk about wellness, do you think you’d feel prepared? Why or why not? 5. Other than fitness and nutrition, do you feel that this section covered everything you should know? Why or why not?6. Next class, we will begin learning about fitness. How much would you say you know about it?7. What are your thoughts about the idea of fitness?8. In your first reflection, you were asked to imagine the end of the semester and to write down the steps you used to earn your “A.” How consistently do you feel you have been with those steps?