Read and response to the article, and comment to another response.

Comment on “The Innocent Eye” and respond to one other comment. You can begin by thinking about the discussion questions 1-4 on page 38, and you may feel free to include other material from the textbook about observation, discomfort, and perception.

——————————-Other Comment————————————

Something that stood out to me most in this text was the concept of “aesthetic malnutrition” which is a clever way to put it. In today’s lifestyle we move so quickly with everything we do we don’t really take time to “stop and smell the roses”. We look and go, we don’t take the time to exam the beauty in a single flower and take the time to breathe in the fresh air. We just keep going and going, never stopping to see the beauty in life. We are so consumed with our phones that we don’t look around us. When we do it’s for a split second to acknowledge our surrounding making sure that we aren’t about to run into something or someone. We don’t really take in our surrounding and see the beauty that is in every tiny thing surrounding us. The color of the butterflies wings that landed on a purple flower. This relates to the beginning of the text when we are talking about how “when we were young, we were artists”. When we were young we had no perception of what is ugly and what is beautiful. We didn’t put labels on different things, they were just interesting new aspects to our young world. Everything a child saw was fascinating, everything a constant new in their minds. We took slow steps and really examined everything little thing and in a sense appreciated what we saw. We took time to “stop and smell the roses”.