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1) How did the peace settlement between the “big three” lead to the future conflicts of the cold war?

2) What was the Truman Doctrine according to the book and how did it influence Cold War policy?

3) How did Russia change between World War II and the end of the Cold War? (Hint” the answer to this question can be found throughout the chapter but look particularly at the sections between “Reform and De-Stalinization and “Foreign Policy and Domestic Rebellion”?

4) After watching the Duck and Cover video posted in this Module, what do you think the general mood of the United States was at this time?

5) What led to rapid decolonization after World War II when it came to the Middle East?

6) How did women’s Roles expand during the period of the Cold War?

7) The Cold War was primarily between the US and the USSR, but it still effected the world apart from those two countries. Do you think that this greater global connection would have been possible if the two World Wars had not preceded it? Use evidence from the book to support your answer. (Hint: This is an opinion question, you can’t get it wrong unless you do not provide enough evidence to support your conclusion).

Please come up with an outline of your essay and provide your sources at the end. Remember that you need at least three books (not your text book) and two other sources that can be whatever you want as long as it is a sound academic source (Wikipedia will not be accepted as legitimate).

Outline Template:

Outline for this topic-Topic: Critical Analysis of the social, political and economic impacts of the Atlantic Slave Trade