Smith Kettlewell And Audio De

Hello please do all in the instructions. thanks

Your audio description script should follow this example of a timed script:…

1. Watch the Smith-Kettlewell video description tutorials 1-7:

2. Read at least 3 of these articles about audio description. You will need to incorporate 3 direct quotes from these articles in your 300-word discussion paper.

3. Select your 3-minute clip of a fictional TV show or film from YouTube. Do not audio describe a movie trailer (too much going on). I recommend finding a scene in the middle of the TV show or film that has both action and dialogue. Remember you are writing this script so a blind person knows what is going on when there is no dialogue.

4. I highly recommend looking at multiple clips before you select the one you will describe. The best thing to do is listen to the clip with your eyes closed. That way you can judge if there is too much dialogue so no space for audio description or too little dialogue so you have to describe everything. Here are the two audio described clips we watched in class to remind you of about no dialogue audio description:

5. You will need to play your 3-minute clip over and over to figure out where there is no dialogue so you can describe what is happening between the dialogue. You will also need to write down the dialogue for your script as well.

6. Write your audio description (AD) script with the times each dialogue and AD happens. For example, if you only have 3 seconds between dialogue, there is no time to audio describe but if there is 10 seconds, you have time to describe something important in the scene.

7. Write your 300-word discussion/reaction paper with 3 direct quotes from the readings. Mostly this will be your reaction to this assignment. Audio description is an important access tool for people who are blind or visually impaired, who want to enjoy TV and films just like everyone else. Discuss what you learned, the challenge of creating the script, new ways you may think about accessible media now, etc.

Do you need another example of audio description to get you started? Here’s an audio-described scene from the original “Lion King:”