Spirituality and Human Services

My topic is: Jehovah Witness & Seventh Adventist

5-7 Pages (Includes One Page Resources

Clearly and correctly identifies an understanding of Spirituality: Is able

to clearly demonstrate an understanding of spirituality through in depth

religious profile.

Paper includes an overview of the following:

History of the denomination

Health Practices

Ways of practicing their faith daily, weekly etc.

Customs, beliefs, values, rituals

Geographical origins of members

Increase or decrease in membership

Practices/ beliefs in regards to children, the elderly, GLBT,

mentally ill, disabled

Roles of family members (parents, children etc.)

Major Holidays or Celebrations

Is there a belief in a higher power and if so what is the name?

What is their belief in regards to Spirituality and Healing?

What is their belief in regards to death and dying?

Clearly and correctly relates the subject matter to scholarly research and academic sources (Books, articles, papers-Social work journals). Uses at least 3 scholarly from social science material. (Sources such as Wikipedia, U.S. Today, People Magazine are not appropriate): Professional and personal reflections as it relates to social work. Clearly and correctly relates the information gathered to social work practice.

Structure: Includes complete sentences and paragraphs, where necessary. Introduction/Conclusion 0-10 Mechanics: Uses correct grammar, spelling, and punctuation. Citations and references are included where appropriate. (5-7 pages in length excluding title page/references) Free of typographical errors, and is appropriate in length. APA Style

All of this is required for this paper it is very important to me that I get an ” A” so if you not prepared to do your best at this dont take the question please.