USU Week 1 Applying Nursing T

Magnet-status facilities are the types of organizations in which I would prefer to work for as the “magnet status” is a top-award earned for delivery of excellent standards of care. In efforts to strive healthcare in America towards excellence in patient care delivery, “The American Nurses Credentialing Center (ANCC) established the Magnet Recognition Program® (MRP) with the goal of identifying excellence in the delivery of nursing services. Magnet Recognition® is an organizational credential earned by achieving performance-driven standards. The standards, called “sources of evidence,” are organized in a framework that can be used to assess or improve an organization’s culture and the impact of its nursing services” (Haller et al., 2018). It appears that this status is difficult to achieve as it is noted that “Only about 8% of US Hospitals achieve Magnet designation. There are currently 475 Magnet Hospitals in the nation and 34 of those are in California” (UC Davis Health, 2021).

Although I have not been privileged enough yet in my nursing career to have worked at a Magnet-facility, one healthcare system in New Jersey described its improvement in care since embracing Jean Watson’s theory by stating “Since these important events, the implementation of our professional practice model, including Jean Watson’s theory, has provided a framework for clinical practice, transforming care at the bedside, and reignited the passion for caring. We have also added her Caritas processes to each of our policies and procedures and are currently revising our job descriptions and performance appraisals to include the Caritas processes”(Local Hospitals Embrace Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, 2020). The healthcare facility also described further changes made to their facility as “the nurses designed a flag that symbolizes nursing’s commitment to caring and the hospital subscribed to the CARE channel to bring soothing scenes and calming music to patient rooms. The facility also has a serenity room built specifically for staff, and offers classes on meditation, yoga, exercise and weight control, a lighted waterfall recently was installed in the lobby to provide soothing sounds and visuals. As a whole, Elmhurst has moved into a philosophy of creating a caring environment”(Local Hospitals Embrace Jean Watson’s Caring Theory, 2020). As we all know, nursing is both a hard and rewarding profession; however, it is the little things that count. I love the idea of facilities adopting nursing theorist’s ideas as frameworks to care for their patients and their nurses, as it will only serve to provide better care.