what is your idea for this dis

what is your idea for this discussion questions

Do you think we have a predisposition to our sexual orientation? I think this, because biological infants and adopted infants are in an environment in which decisions are being made for them just by their environment. An infant being raised in a same-sex household up to a certain (young) age does not know anything different. It is their normal. I feel this way in a religious context. I was raised to believe certain things and as I grew older and became more independent, I began asking “why” do I believe that.
I think you are spot on when you stated that stepping outside of what ones family and community expectations are, is being true to one’s own sexual desires. We can do more harm than good when we do not support a person’s desires.
I agree with you that attractions are formed early in life. However, I one’s attraction can change a little over time. I was once attracted to blond hair and now I am attracted to dark brown hair. I know this is very minor but my point is that we have to be aware that we can not live our lives in a scope of being one or the other.
I like what you said about sexual attraction may not be why a person loves another. Naturally, we just assume it’s physical but that is our society. Educating ourselves with information is the first step in helping others change their attitudes.