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The American system of government is structured around the concept of checks and balances. In that system, each branch of government is supposed to provide a check on the other branches to prevent any one branch from consolidating too much power and authority. Sometimes when a democracy turns into a dictatorship it results from a President who was initially elected in a free and fair election undermining democratic norms and refusing to leave office. When that occurs, the President often turns into a dictator who rules for life.

For this response paper, discuss what you think would happen in the United States if an elected President attempted to undermine democratic norms and tried to turn into an authoritarian ruler or dictator who consolidated political power and could make virtually all political decisions on their own. Be specific about which aspects of the American political system you think would prevent the President from turning into a dictator and which aspects of the American political system may allow a President to turn into a dictator.

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The response demonstrates a thorough understanding of how the checks and balances system is designed to work in theory and demonstrates a good understanding of how the operation of the checks and balances systems works in practice with institutions filled with imperfect humans. The response provides specific examples of which aspects of the system would prevent or allow a President to turn into a dictator.