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Hi Everyone,

If you have already watched my video lecture on this final Fairy Tales Unit, you all know that this is the first assignment for the first reading assigned in our book, The Bloody Chamber by Angela Carter. If you have not watched my video lecture on Fairy Tales yet, please go to the announcements section and watch it before coming back here.

Our first reading for the Fairy Tales Unit is titled “The Bloody Chamber,” by Angela Carter. Please take a moment and review the PowerPoint Slideshow for this unit, and then go ahead an answer the 10 discussion questions in the slideshow (and below). This discussion activity will be 20 points each, since there are 10 questions to answer for this tale. Also, for this Discussion Activity, I would like for you all to take a 20 minutes and watch the classic version of this tale by the Grimm Brothers. This can help you better understand the revisions made by Carter.

Here is the PowerPoint for the “The Bloody Chamber” Discussion Activity, along with the discussion questions you are all expected to answer below; the answers to these discussion questions will be due on Thursday, 11/11 by 11:59pm

Discussion Questions for “The Bloody Chamber”

1.Carter uses the motif of masks, mirrors, and lilies in this story. Explain what they symbolize.

2.Carter writes, “there is a striking resemblance between the act of love and the ministrations of a torturer” (27). Explain the analogy.

3.Find two references to pornography. What is the significance of such references?

4.Why do you think Jean-Yves, the girl’s second husband, is blind? Why is that important?

5.When thinking about her new husband (the marquis), the young wife admits: “I lay in bed alone. And I longed for him. And he disgusted me” (22). Why the contradiction? What does this reveal about the young wife?

6.What is significant about the change Carter makes to the end of the story when it comes to the girl’s rescue? What kind of statement is she trying to make with this change?

7.After marrying the marquis, the young wife thinks to herself, “to think he might have chosen me because, in my innocence, he sensed a rare talent for corruption” (20). What does this mean?

8.In the final scene, when the young wife’s life is in the hands of the marquis, she notes: “when he raised his head and stared at me with his blind, shuttered eyes as though he did not recognize me, I felt a terrified pity for him, for this man who lived in such strange, secret places that, if I loved him enough to follow him, I should have to die. The atrocious loneliness of that monster!” (35). Analyze why she feels pity for him.

9.Carter uses a tremendous amount of figurative language in this story. Identify two different types and explain their significance. How do they enrich the particular passage?

10.At the end of the story, the girl narrates, “No paint nor powder, no matter how thick or white, can mask that red mark on my forehead; I am glad he [her new husband] cannot see it – not the fear of his revulsion, since I know he sees me clearly with his heart – but, because it spares my shame” (41). First, answer what the red mark symbolizes. Then, analyze why the girl would feel shame.


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Discussion: Principles of Design Photo

Omar Montano

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Tape Lady

Before beginning the Discussion Board, be sure to view the supplement Web Link Elements of Art & Principles of Design.

Be sure to remember the Discussion Board deadline. The link will no longer be available when the Discussion Board is due.

Create Your Photograph:

Take a photo that you think is artistic. Do not use someone else’s already existing photo. Your are more than welcome to utilize apps on your phone or software such as Photoshop to manipulate your photo. The Tape Lady featured above was solarized, for example. Perhaps it’s the lighting, angle, or general composition that make you feel what you captured is artistic. Either is valid. Bottom line, be creative and have fun.

Discussion Questions:

Refer to Chapters 2 and 3 in your textbook. Chapter 2 discusses the Visual Toolbox. Chapter 3 discusses what are referred to as the Principles of Design. Provide a visual analysis of your very own photo, making use of the principles and terms that you feel apply to your image. Remember to use terms from both Chapters 2 and 3.

How do these visual tools and principles make your photograph visually effective?


Your Discussion Board experience will come in three parts:

Part 1: Take an artstic photo. Manipulation via app is optional. Attach the photo to your thread. Avoid using huge file sizes, they may not upload into BB.

Part 2: Post your thoughts describing how the Visual Toolbox and Principles of Design make your photo visually effective in a short essay format. If you wish to tell us a little about your photo, that is fine, but remember that the purpose of this assignment is to provide a visual analysis.

Part 3: Respond to a minimum of two other student Posts.

Points will be distributed in this manner: Your initial Post can earn you up to 10 points, and each response is worth up to 5 points max. Maximum points is 20. Extraordinary posts and responses will be rewarded with extra points, making totals larger than 20, but no more than 24 points. Poor spelling and grammar will result in the loss of points.

*The purpose of this exercise is to promote critical thinking. Be sure to provide detailed and supportive answers. One word answers like “cool, awesome, lol” are not sufficient.You will be graded on the quality of your posts and responses. Failure to respond to at least 2 posts will cost you points. Be mindful and polite to one another, and more importantly, be creative and have fun.